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In Italian

In Italian Deea means Goddess...I am human.


I slept on a bed of ice in Romania, ..in a Sicilian monastery guarded by nuns, and I almost got covered in puke in a deserted hostel in the woods of Buda(pest) during a high profile human rights conference.


I survived 'em all 


I don't like

I don't like all things pink, but I Like flamingos. And fire-flies. And planes. I cross on the zebra. I don't like cats. Did I say I like planes? I did. In fact I like planes so much, that I got involved in various international art projects and I traveled in some 10 countries. That's how I discovered my passion for the performing and still arts. 

10 years ago

 10 years ago I was looking for the meaning of life in Greece, and I learned how to swim in Parga. Greece was the first country I traveled in and 10 is the number of new beginnings. My first theatre course was in Italy with La Millizia dei Folli. I learned more about theatre in the UK, Portugal and Montenegro. Lately I challenged myself to be a clown with Pierro Ricciardi as a trainer. I think I failed. In Turkey, I taught immersive theatre to various groups of  university students. Also in Turkey, I visited the oldest temple in the world, Göbekli Tepe. I read about it  in a book that I later quit.  I was thinking the names were too hard to pronounce and I will never get there anyway. I was wrong. 



I would have loved to be a woman in Shakespeare's times, so I can pretend to be a man and sneak in on stage. Besides Shakespeare, I would like to work with Woody Allen. Until I do that, Woody will probably join Shakespeare on the green pastures. Long story short, this year I auditioned as Cleopatra and got into a drama school in London. Theatre makes me emotionally free. However, I am chased by film. I think visually. I spent 99 days changing backgrounds for this blog. That's too much visual thinking. I love naked skin as much as I love the cloths that cover it. That is, I believe shedding an old skin makes the heart lighter. That's when love and abundance rush in. I  write in coffee places, and never in third person singular about myself, though it might sound prettier when you read about me. I have more formal education than I can type. And I type incredibly fast. I can speak as fast. I really do hate cats. 

Jazz & Coconuts


I believe crickets are the best musicians, and jazz is at its best when it's gypsy jazz. I don't think you can be a director until you are not an actor first, and you cannot be a complex actor until you don't travel within and without. If I wouldn't be a nomad artist I would be an astrologer. I often mistake planets for coconuts. Thai Coconuts..



The Novel






 I collect stones from small streams and rivers, and have been doing so since I was a child. My mother just told me besides stones, I found beauty in all things from garbage. I probably resemble Leonard Cohen's Suzanne. I don't have a favorite writer, but I'd like to play Virginia Woolf. I look often at the moon.

I'd be delighted to work with you 



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