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Lion's Gate

The Novel


What nature sanctified no man can undo

From darkness to fullness

True Love

Leaves no Traces

Chapter: Island of Grace

Release & Let Go

The roses on that street of Izmir were filling my nostrils and numbing my thoughts. 

"What do you see in that coffee cup? Turkish women have the divination gift like no others.."

" I see you sitting on some cliffs, looking over the sea. You wear a long dress and your hair is pulled on one side. And there is a man. You met him before, in this life and in your past lives. You were destined to meet. He was the catalyst for change. What nature sanctified no man can undo. Together, you will be like yin and yang, you are the bearers of the light!"

"Do I need to do anything?

"Yes, make sure your inner archetypes are in check.  It will be your own Journey to the underworld. Like Persephone you will marry the dark night of the soul, the loneliest part of you."

"Your mind does not know the difference between your thoughts and what you are actually experiencing. Don't be used and abused by your own thoughts. Share your gift with the world. Forgive yourself."

" I did! And it still did not bring me peace! By trying to create peace I have not brought forth the truth! "

"You are obsessed!"

"I need to travel.."

"Focus your unruly mind!"

Extracts-Lion's Gate

Blessed are we who live in the night

Guided by the moon

The stars as our light..


You saw this man before?

Yes, in my dreams.

Haste makes every chalice bitter, 

Wait makes every desire ripen 

"Let's leave a blank page between us. If you think your baggage is too heavy, it will crack the ice. And you should be scared for that matter."

"I am too volatile for you."

"No, you just focus on all the wrong things."

"  Fear increases the distance.

Pursuing a partner  like this will do you no good. It won't be anything harmonious nor of the light."

"I didn't think of anything else but the light."  



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