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Welcome to the Show

Fire & Foodology

October 20, 2017

                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo (C) : Alessia Palermiti


Why should you read this? If not for the fun, than for the PICTURES, they are glorious! Italian actors, musicians, donkeys and producers, who are actively involved in sustaining #orthogardening. ...Yes, you read that right: donkeys involved in music & performing & in ortho-gardening. That quite shames a human anytime. Even I felt belittled!


..speaking of thunderbolts, ashes and fire...I actually had plenty of fire shows with the help of ZAGREUS Cultural Association from Calabria Italy. Fire shows..in the spirit of slow food. How crazy right? ZAGREUS is a creative space for projects in the fields of art and life long learning, and  the fire shows were created ( with a lot of passion) by the guys from Compagna Fuoco & Clownerie. You will find all the relevant links by the end of the story.


The project was named "Foodology", and was set up by the Italian part backed by Teatro dell'Acquario in Cosenza, in collaboration with GEYC -Romania.  Frankly,  I had no idea how many artists would be involved in it, and... little did I know about the journey of #biofood, as perceived by Italian actors, musicians, donkeys and producers, who are actively involved in sustaining #orthogardening. Yes, you read that right: donkeys involved in music & performing & in ortho-gardening. That quite shames a human anytime. Even I felt belittled! Put on your commedia dell' arte mask, and  follow me through. A Paraguayan film-maker (Gio Guggiari) will show up on board soon.


PS: In case you did not know, the name of "Zagreus" comes from the greek mythology and he was the son of Zeus and Persephone. On the orders of a jealous Hera ( Zeus' official wife), Zagreus was killed and eaten by the Titans. Zeus got so angry over the death of his throne succeeding son, that he stroke the Titans with a thunderbolt and made them into ashes, and from their ashes, that still contained the energy imprint of Zagreus, the human race was born. So back to fire..



 Image (c) Costantino Montalto for Compagnia Fuoco&Clownerie


Involving artists in the promotion of bio-food, since the Italian state suffered economically from the manufacturing of false labels and "food copy rights infringements" ( made in #Italy when it was in fact made in Morocco, thus decreasing the quality) brought nothing but extremely creative ideas for filming and presenting to the public via multimedia story lines, the process of #slowfood. Talking about educating the consumer creatively...


                                                                                                                                                        Compagnia Fuoco&Clownerie, Photo (c) Deborah Rappoccio 


And should I mention that Università della Calabria, that was also among the creators of this project, is the only university I know of, that starts the university year by giving a huge musical show, seasoned with educational exhibitions, live concerts with bands from all over southern Italy (including a brilliant one from Naples), and fire shows with trumpets, where artists literally jump in the middle of the public, and than their audience follows wherever they go? Add to that 10.000 people walking on the University's bridge and you get the picture. We were (pleasantly) shocked. It is actually the only university in Europe, whose buildings are connected through a suspended bridge, making it a fabulous American style walk through. Even Batman & Stelio Fragolino Marano joined the crowds.


                                                 Above: Stelio Fragolino Marano, Photo (c): Originally published by Notte dei Ricercatori Unical



                                                                 Francesco Cane & Maria Dolores from Compagna Fuoco & Clownerie

                                                               @ Notte dei Ricercatori Unical ©_bruno_f.sco_umbro_photo


Theatre  & Clown Folks @ Notte dei Ricercatori Unical ©_bruno_f.sco_umbro_photo




                           "Opening Night"  at the Calabria University, Compagnia Fuoco & Clownerie  Photo (c): Gaetano Passarelli 



 Francesco Cane from Compagnia Fuoco & Clownerie gave one of the best fire performances I have ever seen, it was called "fire in the kitchen".  I was thinking to have performed like this for my mother in my young age. She was not allowing me to come within 2 iinches of her 'operating' cooking space...

                                                                                                                                                   Francesco Cane Photo (C):  Luciano Grisolia




if you want more of Stelio Fragolino Marano, know that kids absolutely adore him, you will find the link towards him in the end of the article!

 Photo (c): Federico Muraca & Giovanni Piccolo 

                      Photo (c) : Guido Guglielmelli


Now, back to business: we were lucky enough to have with us at the time, the project manager from Teatro Dell'Aqcuario, Maria Scalese, also former producer at Teatro Alfonso Rendano.  Maria found us a good conference room at the University of Calabria. One of our first educational sessions was implemented by a couple of lovely Italian ladies, that took us on a visual trip to #India, presenting us a community engaged in the preservation of seeds, called #Navdanyia, or "the 9 seeds".


                                               Seeds, Photo (C): Nomaddeea



The biggest problem with seeds nowadays is that many times producers are denied access to their own preserved seeds from prior crops, and are forced to buy #GMO, by the powers that be. I particularly liked this introduction from the Navdanyia Seed Freedom Report : "Patents on life and the new bio technologies are today’s tools of imperialism, and they are a core part of the global “constitution” called the WTO (World Trade Organisation) (...) These rules and laws were made by and for corporations. As a Monsanto spokesperson stated about their drafting, “ we were the patient, the diagnostician, the physician”. "




Well...long story short, our romanian guys assigned to the #Film Department of the Foodology project, were also into the "green"..the green bottles of beer...


Photo (C) My Fabulous Ipad:  Nobody got Hurt.


We were actually working fast to produce our Foodology teaser. La Vitta e Bella. Click on it.




                                Above: Paraguayan Film-Maker Gio Guggiari,   Photo (C) : Nomaddeea

                         Photo  (C): my fabulous iPad



Though..the irony is, "La vita e un viaggio lentu" - to quote Biagio Accardi- life is a slow journey. Its all a matter of time until you find all the answers that you need.


You don't know who Biaggio Accardi is? Well..He is an artist, musician, traveler and songwriter, that searches and processes sounds inspired by the ethnic Mediterranean panorama. He thinks life is a slow journey, and he wanders the cities in a #cantastorie (music story), alongside Cometa Libera (*Free Comet) ,uhmmm...that would be his lovely female #donkey. He doesn't want to bother the urban dwellers so he walks slow, on tip toe, and he then gathers people to the city markets to see his show and listen to his music.



                             Photo (C): Gabriel Brezoiu, GEYC


 His compositions are a fresco at times, poetic and psychedelic mesmerizing, and at times haunting for their strong and intense nostalgic power. Just by sitting a few hours with Biagio, he quickly became an experiential learning himself.

 Above: Musician Biagio Accardi



Biagio lives on a mountain in #Tortora, Italy, from where the legend says the ancient God Apollo was driving his golden chariot straight into the very heavens. Casa del Caro literally means: The House of the Chariot. Theatre performances take place there, as the place is also a space for Cattiv Teatro, an Italian Brazilian cultural association. Biagio also has a garden for bio food that he personally takes cares of, and he cooked for the 45 people involved in the project of "Foodology", during our visit. You can read about the performing donkey in one of my other articles, called "Theatre with a Donkey". Don't miss it! 




We also spent a whole day at Teatro della'Acquario, we ate there and had access to backstage and to the stage. I listened carefully to  the project manager of the theatre, Maria Scalese, as she was speaking about the realities of the Calabrian Theatre, emphasizing the funding struggles, since Calabria is a rather poor area.




                                                   Above: having a lovely time in the theatre, Photos (C): My Fabulous Ipad


 I was completely vowed in the theatre, by an amazing trans-media storytelling lecture held by Gio Guggiari, a Paraguayan film maker who joined the filming crew of the project. She is famous in her country #Paraguay, for analyzing through film the life of 4 Paraguayan women from different generations, but same family (grand-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter) so she received a scholarship with the Calabria University on dramatic arts and #cinematography. Gio focused on trans-media #storytelling (taking different realities and merging them to create something entirely new) using the vision of the famous Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian film director, poet, writer and intellectual.



  Gio Guggiari during The Art Out Hate Campaign:  Photo (C): Nomaddeea



  I worked directly with Gio, and I learned so much in creative terms from her, that she quickly became one of my early mentors back in 2015. She came up with the idea of "two seeds" story, in love with one another, for our #slowfood journey project: she imagined how the seeds go up the mountain riding bicycles, how they are planted and than grow. Living surrounded by the mountains of Calabria is always a reason to create.



                              Above: There's a quality about Gio, that always makes you feel at your most natural self.




You can now find Gio working at KA RA KU CorpoStorie, SudReal Storytelling & Visión documenta, the last one being a part of the Paraguayan Audio-Visual Narration of Indigenous Communities, with an emphasis on stories narrated by women. KA RA KU proposes a method that enhances the daily art of telling stories present in all the cultures of the world, creating a theatrical space as a land of awakening that returns to ritual' .


Gio also coordinated a group of students at Calabria University, where they came up with a new dimension on #sensory #theater by focusing on finding a definition for what it means to be human. The group was very diverse comprising students from different parts of the world, as Calabria University has about 700 international students. On the last day, I accidentally met Gio in a restaurant and I went with her and her friends at her place, which was one of the best residencies for foreign students, with a 180 degrees view on the Calabrian mountains. We chatted for a bunch of hours over a cold cup of #matte.




                                                                                            "Matte" cup, Photo (C): Nomaddeea


Gio is a very nurturing individual and it was a pleasure to meet her, she even planted a Paraguayan corn in front of her residence, close to a blueberry tree.  She was explaining a lot about commedia dell'arte ( a theatrical form characterized by improvised dialogue and a cast of colorful stock characters that emerged in northern Italy in the fifteenth century and rapidly gained popularity throughout Europe), cinema #storytelling and #theater as a whole.



Photo (C): Gabriel Brezoiu, Commedia Dell'Arte


We also had choir lessons, on an ancient #Venetian song (#Demene). We were helped by two music teachers that taught us how to the hit the notes and how to sit properly on the chair for a better voice sound. The song was about #liquors, but in the spirit of slow food! One of the teachers was #ElisaBrown, a musician, gospel choir art director, and #vocalcoach at Asd L'ecole de la vie. Elisa is from #Palermo and has an incredibly powerful voice, with a metallic & earthly touch to it. She is also quite modest and has something magical about her.


You can find her on Elisa Brown Blues Quartet #ebbluesproject


Above: Me & Elisa on a very early morning in front of Teatro dell'Aquario : Photo (C): Gabriel Brezoiu, GEYC



I believe in the symbolism of things, in #synchronicities, and that there is no encounter meaningless, that we all can be teachers and students when we are open to the new and that some things are more powerful than others.


In our last night at the student campus In Calabria, at #Martensson Social Center, I gave some sea shells from the Black Sea to a ffire-girl, while she was putting forward a cute glass with colorful sand - a charmer for success; we did it in the exact same time.

                                                               Maria Dolores, Fire Girl @ Compagnia Fuoco&Clownerie



By the way, Martensson Social Center is quite artistically designed,filled with wonderful photos & paintings, some executed by students of the nearby University of Calabria.


                        Photo (C): Nomaddeea




 The first famous faces that you see when walking into Martensson Center are those of #MarilynMonroe and #AudreyHepburn.






Have no idea if any of these ladies fancied reptiles..




                                                           But I sure know I would like to ride a good old #Vespa.


Besides, our activities were killing' it.


 Photo (C): my Fabulous iPad


 And for some reason my nickname in this project was turned from Deea into #Gandalf the Great. I wonder why..my best guess is Gio's "camera scepter" ( the monopod) and because my team always had some break through idea for a little theatre even in the breaks. Do call us. Lol.


                                                            Photo (C): Gabriel Brezoiu, GEYC


Teatro dell'Acquario, ZAGREUS & GEYC had a remarkable involvement in organizing the project, and one of the best nights was "fire in the kitchen"- where we had fire artists performing for us. I absolutely enjoyed the stories that they are able to create using fire ( and love, plenty of love!).


You can book them on Compagnia Fuoco&Clownerie.



                                  Photo (C): Deborrah Rappocio



 Above: Compagnia fuoco & clownerie


The end.

Is only a new beginning ;)

                                 Phto (C): Salvatore Centonze

                               Image: Compagnia Fuoco&Clownerie


Useful Links and Thank you all:

 Epic Stelio Fragolino Marano. Click on his name ;)

 If you want to work with Teatro Della'Aquario they are here.

 If you are interested in Seed Freedom (#LivingSeed/#LivingFood & #LivingSoil) please check Navdanyia's website.

 You can contact Compagna Fuoco & Clownerie here.



  Elisa Brown

  Gio Guggiari

  Biaggio Accardi




                                ©2017 by NomaDDeea. All rights reserved.










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