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Swing Gitano

October 17, 2017


...directors running around to cast actresses, scripts falling from the sky, Russian painters working in the same exotic garden where the on set assistants were washing away the paint from the skin of subjects after photo-ops, me doing my eyebrows on live violin, and running with multiple pairs of shoes from one set to the other, and than to rehearsals, volunteers screaming " the artists are coming, clear the way" , and people on holiday interrupting to photograph themselves with us on set...Latvian fests with fairies for Summer Equinox mixed with flutes and crowns of flowers, instantaneous theatre plays...by all indicators the visuals seem better than the play A Midsummer Night's Dream. This was the magic of Queen Mary's Artistic Residence during the In the Palace International Film Festival in Balchik-Bulgaria, held in the very Queen Mary's Castle.



And than the Portuguese #jazz men arrived...bringing along the charm and the magnetic pull, of gypsy jazz, the kind that gets in your blood and bones. If you don't believe it, here they are. Enjoy ( also go on with the story..)


                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo (C): Livia Ifrem




I finished my restaurant meeting with the Spanish director I was working with at the time ( Miguel Angel Cano Santizo) to discuss the details of the #film we were about to start, and I went back to my castle compound, when I heard some strange...noises, people laughing, voices I didn't recognize, seemed like a day party, or a noise orgy to be more accurate. The castle has two available compounds destined for sleeping, separated by a magnificent garden, with willows, pounds with turtles, and generous balconies with views to the sea, designed for painters, but also for actors who want to rehearse out of mind and out of sight. Besides, the garden is an absolute paradise for photographers.




                      Above: Deea Wolf  with Guitarist & Vocalist Andrea Musio - Photo (C): Maria Tomulesei




                                                                                Above: Musicians in the garden,   Photo (C): Livia Ifrem





In fact the Bulgarian nation invested a lot in managing the country's brand, so in addition to the fast selling natural Damascus #Rose beauty products & the amazing Nu Boyana Film Studios ( really do follow the link, they are amazing!!), consider visiting the golf terrains close to the Varna Airport,  the Roman and the Asian spas in the mountains, and don't forget to trash your wedding dress surrounded by a rainbow of lights in the Botanical Garden of #Balchik. As a photographer you don't need anything else, weekends are generally filled with "trash the dress" wedding sessions and/or film quests. And hey! no need to bribe anyone, the Bulgarians are a hard working nation, unlike my own (sigh).



                                                                    Above: Get Artsy in Balchik, Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



The Romanian team selected for the #ArtisticResidencies in Balchik, was made up of obviously me, plus: two from the #UNATC- the Film Department, a boy and a girl - Livia Ifrem that also studied at ESA Saint-Luc de Liège école supérieure des arts, & Bogdan Petrovan, always behind their cameras, another 2 Romanian girls ( photographer Maria Tomulesei & Diana Rus, a fine actress from the north), whom were living with me, and 16 teenagers, all boys, living in another castle wing, all hilarious 'extras'. I never really thought teenagers can be this funny, but they've proved me wrong. To them I was the equivalent of a local #MonicaBellucci, and they also spied on the window of every possible actress in her morning dress-up routine. The Spanish crews, alongside the Spanish director, Gabriel Carrasco, from #Córdoba, owner of Sabbia Films, nicknamed Tarantino, from whose balcony I wanted to jump into mine when I lost the key to my room, were also living in the same compound as I did. Good that Carrasco stopped my suicidal mission.




                     Above: Diana Rus performing Requiem for a Dream, near my suspended red dress, Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



Our part of the castle was therefore kind of empty, while the other one was hosting, besides the Romanian crazy teenagers, the rest of the film directors from Spain including the one I worked with, Polish rock-music bands (check out Fumez), solo performers and singers, a violinist (Julia Borell), an incredible #sax-player (Igna Icnasio) and of course the one and only Antonio Hernando- guitarist and vocalist from Madrid, creator of La Banda De Trapo, whom basically performed non-stop. Even with their feet in plaster. ( PS: you can now find Antonio Hernando also working at La Hora de la Aguja Fm ).


                    Above: a member of the rock band Fumez, Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



                                            Above: Antonio Hernando - Guitar & Ignasio- Sax ; Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



                                                                                                                                         Above: Jam Sessions; Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



I was happy my compound was close to the sea, and if I wanted to rehearse or do a photo session, I was in the right place, both mentally and physically. "I was"...and that " I was".. was on my mind as I was walking towards my room and hearing all those strange voices. Something was telling me " was...it will never be again" and I suddenly remembered two more (united) musical bands from Portugal were arriving that day, the guys from O Trance Do Mimo & Bad Swindlers. The moment I stepped in between the glorious columns of my compound, all beautiful with my long white summery coat sweeping through the air..when I see, on my left...some drunkards, holiday dressed, with bottles of beer and vodka in their hands. They stopped their chatter almost immediately as I passed by, ...I said " hi".... noticed no one from the other film crews was out in the U shape form of our inner garden, Tarantino and his equipment were not in sight, weird..as the the guy was working outside usually.





"Hmmmm"....I said to myself.."this is bloody strange". I attempted to go to my room....when I felt someone running behind, than he started to run in circles around me...got before me to my room, started to kick it, laughing ...girls inside it were too scared to open, so the door was locked. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo (C): Livia Ifrem


My " what are you doing?!" question was floating in mid-air. I looked at him better, a somewhat beautiful boy, I supposed then...under 30, bare foot, pants falling out of him, not sure if he was wearing underwear that day, and after I watched what I filmed with my iPad, I noticed his pants were put the other way around, with the zipper on his butt, plus a vest, broken on a shoulder wore on naked skin. He also had a fare amount of bracelets and ear rings that day. Think of a #JackSparrow with less hair. And a bit stinky, just a bit, bearable stink ( with time he became close to a dead fish in smell, but that's when we eventually managed to wash him in a fountain). He also presented some serious bites on his neck (not by mosquitoes, probably performed by ladies). A true #Shakespearean fairy I thought to myself.



                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo (C): Livia Ifrem


Now..not that I was making much sense of his words:.."you are from #Portugal! ...

" noooo...I'm Romanian, but I lived in Portugal a bit..."


Than.... He says: " hai sa ne-o tragem in trei!! "( don't learn this one)  ...it means "let's have a threesome".


Me: " Honey, you are too fast for me...besides, who are the other two??"

He: " the girls in your room"...


So he attempts to break the door, girls are screaming in terror...he is surprised they are screaming, doesn't understand why they do not wish to open. From the barred castle window, the girls tell me that he was already in the room, wondering why there is so much luggage in there, and was basically inside everyone's luggage until my own arrival at the door, jumping on the beds with underwear on his head, and than with all the underwear from all the rooms that he found unlocked. I started to think..."o.k. this is serious", but I couldn't stop laughing from what I was hearing, and I had to focus. In the room was the only specimen of blonde green eyed woman, whom I supposed did not want to get raped nor be involved in a threesome with a highly unpredictable stinky man. Neither did I. Other door kicks followed...I realized the door will soon crack: 'old castle, old doors'...so I said :


"ok...let's do it! Now...let's go in the bushes! Behind the trees! we will find others who want a threesome and I'll leave you there."


My iPad was on filming..his cigarette fell from his mouth because he forgot he had it in there, it was not even lit, I guess this scene is a film in itself. Than he got angry it fell, so he got these crazy things that if you would throw them on the ground, they would make a powerful noise similar to when you start fire works on New Year's Eve. I was getting terribly annoyed. Another Spanish girl arrived, more like running towards her room, while screaming at the guy: "what the hell is wrong with you? You shouldn't be here at all!!" And she locked herself inside her own room. 


All the while he was laughing in between asking me to bite his neck. "I'm not biting you from anywhere, I have sharp teeth" I replied. "Go now..I have to work..."( I was still thinking on how my film will develop, as I intended to use Shakespeare on the soundtrack but sadly it never came to fruition).


"But what are you? ..You are a musician!!!" (  I was already mistaken to be a musician by at least 50% of the people there, maybe it's a sign).


I said "No..." I am an actress" .....he: "no, you are not an actress!" ..I was starting to doubt myself and this conversation,  had an urge to pinch myself, maybe he was a product of my imagination.


"What am I than?"

" You are a musician! You are exactly like me!!"


(Well, at least he felt  I probably am as wild at heart as he is.)



And he wasn't going anywhere...outside of the room stood a table with some chairs ...I was getting tired so I wanted to sit. He noticed my #MichaelKors shoes, stole one from my foot, went with it near a then, empty fountain, and threw it in there with as much force as he could. I hinted that his anger would go towards anything branded. I yelled at him to bring that back, his fellows Portuguese ...the drunkards, were laughing in their corner,..to them it was a live show. He got the shoe out, but he threw it in my direction that I think if I didn't have a fast George Bush reflex, I would have been an unicorn with a Kors shoe in my forehead. Before I got a chance to recover, the dude was already in possession of my shoe again, so he threw it once more....by that time the shoe got scratched and I got angry. I yelled " ..that shoe is more expensive than you! " ( *which I deeply regretted after, there is no material thing in the world more expensive than a human being)


The drunkards were on their asses rolling...they were not responsive to getting him back in their tribe ..so ...I said to myself..you want a show? FINE! I got my other shoe, threw it in his direction, and screamed "take this one as well, you filthy prat, I'm not gonna be able to wear them anyhow" within 3 seconds, that pair of shoes was flying in Queen's Mary castle back and forth so many times..that the very Michael Kors would be proud to see his creations alive like that. A guy from the Portuguese band, as he was passing to his room, attempted a failed rescue, singing: "leave the girl alone, all women want is to pee and be alone". Me.." hey! You have a terrible voice" ...Crazy dude defending him"but he doesn't need a voice, he is a double bass player". The (black) man (Living Colour) has a superb voice, similar to Barry White, and I was just mean.



                         Above: Living Colour on the double bass & Andrea Musio on guitar,  Photo Credit: Livia Ifrem



But it was also the mark I was looking for...as I looked at him and realized he is emphatic to his own kind. For some reason the crazy guy got back to the table and he stood still, I could look in his eyes better, the moment you would fix him with a gaze, he would become innocent, a very innocent human being. I was surprised, I interacted many times with horrible people but this was not the case. A musician, bare foot, stinky, a one show man. Genuine, careless, probably traumatic past. His sexual jokes in fact held nothing predatory, and, despite their scary looks, the members of the band were all good at heart. So I asked the stinky boy what instrument he usually plays, and he said that it is the #clarinet, which also fulfills the "wife" role.



                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo Credits: Nomaddeea



In that moment, "Tarantino" emerged from god knows where...furious, screaming:


"Fucktards! If I catch this one in my room again, I will f*** him with the Portuguese passport in his ass, and kick him so hard he will fly to Portugal through the air alone! Do you hear that?"

Portuguese musicians all at once:" Beat him if you wish! But don't touch his mouth nor beat him over the fingers because he needs to sing!"


Tarantino: " Tell your government not to allow handicapped members in your band!"


I decided that attempting to get to my room was not the most brilliant idea, so I went pass the Portuguese band, whom were looking like apologizing, and me wanting to be bad on the other hand, resulted in ditching them heavenly in my mother tongue which confused them further. I in fact loved swearing at them like a gypsy, with my scratched Michael Kors shoes and all. Luckily, they didn't understand any word, despite language proximity (Portuguese and Romanian come from romance languages) so they just stood there with their drunken faces, taking a theatrical laser of swearing, with my face expression on a scale from 1 to 10 being 10 for perfection (where is my Oscar for that number I'm wondering, too bad I wasn't in a skirt, likely I would have lifted it to show them my ass as well).

                    Photo (C) :Livia Ifrem


                            Photo (C) : my Ipad on July the 1st Party in Balchik--: Clarinet guy going nude




But yet again, it is the clarity of the extremes that forces you, to meet yourself like you have never met yourself before. Trust me.





                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo Credit : Livia Ifrem


I made my way out of the compound and went straight to dinner, at a Spanish table with some of the musicians and also friends at that time involved in my film, which had a somewhat small cast, including the sax player, a guitarist, and a violin girl. The organizers made sure all the artists had expensive meal tickets that we used at a couple of fancy restaurants on the beach area.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



I shared my concerns with them, including that is difficult to focus on my acting under those conditions. I was afraid I won't be able to rest well.


Tarantino followed, partially laughing, partially angry, apparently by that time ..the crazy dude,whose stage name is Idiot Pamela, "that likes the color fluorescent but dislikes omelette", was already running throughout the compound, butt-naked, and while he was rushing his way on the stairs down towards an eating place, bumped into tourists whom rapidly spread away, hiding their children, and members of his band grabbed a hold of him before he caused further disasters. By the end of the dinner, word went around, that the lead in a Spanish film (me) was beaten with a shoe and possibly also raped, word got into the 16 Romanian teens as well. Real world gossip magazines are a joke. Other musicians were coming and complaining the day was gloomy since the Portuguese arrived. They were supposed to do a jam together by night and they couldn't rehearse at all with them.


                                                                                   Above: O trance do Mimo band Photo, Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



                                                                                                                                 Above: O trance do Mimo band Photo (C): Livia Ifrem




After the dinner, our schedule indicated that we should head out to the Stone Hall where all the musical performances were taking place...to see the show of the Portuguese. My oh my ...there they were, playing some of the best #gypsyjazz I ever heard, with a fantastic vocalist on, #vodka on the #stage, pouring down their throats when they could, barefoot, some wearing some socks, but in any case not matching ones, and wherever available you would see a pair of legs belonging to the same musician, one with a sock on, the other without it; and arguing like the many heads of #Cerberus. The outcome was so ear pleasing, that by the end, one would only see some momentary disagreements between drunken people. There was an organic movement inside the band, you could not, not love, the way they were switching the improvisation from one to another. To me they were the very #JeanDjangoReinhardt in his debut years when he still had 50 fingers to himself.


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo ( c) : Livia Ifrem


                   Above: Living Colour- double bass; Andrea Musio: voice & guitar  - Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



When the violinist joined them, lovely #MarianYanchyk, a small guy, big head, blond & cute like a hatched baby chicken, his eyebrows moving upper as the notes were reaching higher, playing with his eyes closed, and jumping and spinning all the while, I got out of my chair and I went closer to the stage, because I could believe my ears, but I couldn't believe my eyes. I would hire them anywhere. They are amazing on stage.  Double bass player smiled at me, sweated, and winking. I remembered the scenes from earlier so I waved him a middle finger. He started to laugh. I was yearning for that violin, I wanted to dance, but I felt like crying. And they weren't even at their best that first night. (Note: Marian actually won the best musician in the Balchik Festival that week).


                         Marian Yanchyk performing @InThePalaceFilmFestival , Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



The clarinet guy ( Tiago/Pamela), made an appearance. He must have followed the music and the crowds of people going towards the Stone Hall. He threw himself at a piano, singing chaotically. Romanian teens pushed back his chair so he fell on his butt. Recovered fast, didn't look upset, more like disappointed at their gesture. Double bass player tried to talk to him, realized he is a lost cause, started laughing and returned to the stage. All of a sudden though, before we knew it, Tiago was also on the stage, tickling the violinist! Whom was playing with his eyes closed and still spinning...so out of his spin...he stretched a leg, with eyes closed, and hit Tiago right in his arse, without stopping from playing.


                Above  Living Colour: double bass,  Andrea: Voice & Guitar & Marian: violin, Photo (C): Livia Ifrem

                                                                                                                                                      Marian Yanchyk - Violin; Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



Time for the jam appeared...all the other musicians, the Spanish ones, playing with them that night, stressed out as hell. The Portuguese didn't look like they wanna do a jam with anyone that night. The only one whom they pleasantly received and had mercy on, was an 18 year old girl who played at the Latvian Fest for me in the dark of a rose garden, but that's another story. Tiago went up by himself with a fabulous greeting : "Good evening Barbituric Castle!" ( that would be Good Evening Balchik Castle, simply a legendary night).




                                                                                                                 Above: Good Evening Balchik Castle Photo (C): Piotr Matkiewicz



                     Idiot Pamela/Clarinetist/Jack Sparrow during the  failed comedy-jam - Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



Spanish film directors and actors and whomever else was in there started to boo him, all the Spanish in fact looked like they were ready to chase a god damn bull like they do at #FiestadeSanFermino.


So eventually I went to the guy and I told him..." these people ...you see them? That big crowd just in the front with big red eyes, they will not be nice to you, you are in a bad state tonight, go up there and really sing, or go home. "


He 'looked' like he is getting it, grabbed his clarinet, climbed to the stage...attempted 3 notes to make fun of the saxophone guy, then he bent on his back with the clarinet, his ray bans falling from his head and stepping on them, dismantled the clarinet, into two, put one part in his ass, the other one in his forehead and started to run on the stage. That was all. He further made fun of everyone. He simply does not take life seriously, there is a comedy in the darkest corners of a tragedy after all. I told him towards our last days together I'd cast you as an actor anytime if I'd be a director. He replied he is an actor every day, and that he doesn't like directors. I bet he doesn't.


                                                                                                     Above: Igna Icnasio at sax & Tiago at clarinet, Photo (c): Livia Ifrem



Romanian teens were all convinced that O Trance do Mimo are all bad Portuguese who carry knives, that they will kill us all, eat the turtles from the pond in the garden, poop on the cactus plants, and fry all the frogs I wanted to hear live while performing on A Midsummer's Night Dream.



                                                                                                 Above: guitarist Tó Pacheco,  Photo (C): Livia Ifrem                                                                                                                                                                               


Non-sense! They were peacefully crazy...#OTrancedoMimo band enjoyed the plants .. they even performed among them first thing in the morning. Besides, the violinist is Ukrainian from Kiev who joined a mixed jazz band in Lisbon, some members are Italian, some are Portuguese, and one of them lived in the UK.


                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo (C): Livia Ifrem




                                                                                                                                                                                Photo (C): Livia Ifrem


                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



Anyway, that performance was ...in terms of a musician a disaster, in my view, epic, the best live comedy I have ever seen.


                                                                                                                                                         Fairies Night-Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo (C): Livia Ifrem



Meanwhile...the aftermath of the show at at the other castle compound: alcohol on display, sax player says: " Deea, I feel so bad, I want to cry!" I guess I was the only one laughing: in terms of a musician it was a disaster, in terms of a writer and an actor those were some the best comedy scenes that never made it unto a professional lens. My Ipad is still the luckiest device of all iPads, it learned to recognize these treasure scenes on its own.


 My director arrived as well, all in the mood to fight, more alcohol poured: bunch of Spanish musicians plot to beat the Portuguese musicians whom mocked them. Others started to support the movement. Man, you don't wanna see drunk musicians wanting to beat other musicians, with their skinny arms and all. It was #testosterone on a #violin.


Members from the organizing team arrived on location to control the parameters. Keep in mind that this was Portugal mocking Spain, these are ancient historical rivalries. Than, rumor had it that someone ventured into my compound and that the Portuguese are in fact already fighting! broke a table...I had an epiphany, that I won't be able to sleep safely in there, so I started to think how I could get my stuff from there and sleep on some couch in a different compound. The 16 Romanians didn't want to let me go alone to get my staff. They all wanted to come and help. You can imagine 16 young boys thinking they protect one of theirs in the middle of the Portuguese musicians fighting. Disaster. ...I said.."listen I'm going in alone...nothing will happen...I am sure"...so I went...



The difference between me and a regular artist, is that I have traveled before doing any type of art, I was at the border with Syria when bombs were falling, I couldn't go paranoid  on some drunken musicians.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo (C):Livia Ifrem


So...what happened was...I found some of them...in the grass...laying there...like fairies...drunken fairies..with the heads on each other's lap, saying: " Jo te quiero também ...Jo te quiero também"...meaning " I love you too....I love you too!"


Musical instruments all over, the table in front of my room, half broken, chairs apart... I though of Shakespeare: conflict between humans and the fairy world..that was in part what their vocalist said while playing : "conflict on stage, we deeply apologize" (he has an Italian accent so to me it was still amusing). I couldn't hate them that's for sure...how can you hate and want to beat those hilarious things whipping through the grass and saying that they love each other. I took my things and left quietly.


Half way through, I found some of the Spaniards in poll position, with a bunch of actresses trying to hold them down so they don't run and kill the Portuguese. Egos hurt in artistic cases are probably the worst thing you can ever experience after the war in Afghanistan. We suffer, that's for sure.


On the background, I could hear #EyeoftheTiger : " ...Pam Pam Pam...Pam....Pam paaaaam" ...I had to scratch my eye balls...the song was played by Romanian idiots....helped by rock guitars, kids...basically...either short and fat, or tall like a Christmas tree...were training each other how to fight and punch..doing push ups after launching themselves from the stairs and switching roles on who's the boxer and who's the trainer.


Training to fight the Portuguese that is. Somewhere from the distance...clarinet guy appeared ...like a snake. barely crawling and looking for cigarettes. All of them, as wolves in a pack wanting to repair the honor of those on stage that night flushed through the rare plants to get him. I think the castle had to repair some botanical losses that night.

                                                                                          Above: Tiago in his Jack Sparrow mood, Photo (C):Livia Ifrem



Instantly organizers, me and some other actresses as well jumped to stop them. I told the Romanians I will call their mothers at home and tell them they smoke and drink at that hour, the organizers were calming down the rest. In the end, you treat people not as bad as they are, but as good as you are. Later discussions were in the form of:....." Look, when people see a clown on the stage, they will follow the clown, they will not listen to your music anymore".


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo (C):Livia Ifrem


And  indeed...nobody listened to the jam,  but when you look at the way his own musical band treated "the clown", being used to him, they just planted him a foot in his ass and went on singing. I would have went on singing. I planted him not a foot, but ice cubs down his pants when he annoyed me. What happened was that the clarinetist, stole the stage, everyone's stage, wherever he went, and the band overall is raw and different. Bohemian, a little  anti social, they could never make a sense of the world we are living in, so they withdrew heavily in music, they live through it and  I love them dearly, with their broken shoes and 3 cloths and all.




They in fact asked me why do I have so many cloths? indeed..why do I have them? I don't know.....bad investment, because I should be happy regardless and I should not try to compensate my presence with any kind of earthly appearance. I am enough and every human being is enough already, it is a birth right. If people would just live being guided solely by this truth, walking hand in hand, no fabrics, how beautiful would this world actually be?

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo (C):Livia Ifrem


The next day, since they were living exactly 10 meters away from my room, I could see they were completely marginalized by all the others. Thankfully it did not last. They would get their musical instruments and sing to us mortals, including to some broken Spanish egos living there. 


One night, I was rushing to rehearsals and two of their guitarists were also going down the hill through the woods. I was alone. They were having at least 10 beers in a bag besides their guitars, and I decided to just speed it up in front. They also speed it up and started to sing, they did a musical improvisation, about a girl with a red dress, an artist in the woods, how she goes to find her way on stage, so I had to turn, they conquered my spirits right away, and by the time we got to the rehearsal room, I had the first serenade of my life, and we stormed in together dancing and singing like old friends would do.


                                                Me & Andrea Musio at the Balchik Castle,  Photo (c): Maria Tomulesei 



Though that attracted all Spanish furies upon me and filming was a disaster. I have no regrets though for defending what I find to be likable. The vocalist is also a wonderful poet, but said at the some point, that for them is not a question of understanding the clarinetist's behavior, but of unlocking him, he was caught in a world that doesn't exist. He was stealing the most beautiful flowers from the garden, put them  right in between his buttocks, ...than was appearing  at the doors of girls to give the flowers as a present. He brought met fresh grass in his mouth and 'spitted' it at my feet. That's his way of saying " I like you, so let's make a show". Gradually, following infamous parties on the beach in Balchik, with July the First being the cream of them all, everyone started to give into the charm of the Portuguese players.


                     Above: video from July the First Beach Party, In the Palace Film Festival


                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo (C):Livia Ifrem


How can you resist them? Just watch this music video below shot by Livia Ifrem & Bogdan Petrovan.



                                                                                                                                                                                          Above: video A festa do mimo


If you were wondering how on earth would a film festival allow a crazy band of musicians to be there, ...the answer is: we were all crazy anyhow, and the Bulgarians, like me, are not just crazy, but also smart ( sic!). They discovered this band on the streets of Lisbon a couple of years ago, and they brought them with a one year contract in Sofia to perform. They knew them, even the airport in Sofia knew them.

I always hinted the life of an artist is the best one, to which someone replied :" but did you have any doubts?"



                                                               Living Colour,  Photo (c): Livia Ifrem



Well...no I do not have any doubts anymore...and... by the way I have no idea whose bra was this one, that we found during the Beach Party on July The First.


                            Photo (C) :Someone who attempted a group facilitation with us and swore never to do it again


Upon departure, I had to turn the key at reception. I was asked if there is anything else broken in my room that I should pay for. I was dressed lady-like, coming from an interview, and the receptionist asking me that, was like the cherry on the top. I didn't brake anything, others did though.



"Four nights will quickly dream away the time; And then the moon, like to a silver bow. New-bent in heaven, shall behold the night. Of our solemnities.'"

A Midsummer's Night Dream-Shakespeare


                                                                                                                                                                               Photo (C): Nomaddeea





©2017 by Deea Wolf. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to In the Palace International Short Film Festival and to Balchik Botanical Garden for bearing with us. Love you all.

PS: This article is to be treated as a pamphlet, that dislikes omelette and loves the color fluorescent.







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