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Welcome to the Show

One Size

September 14, 2017


Society is wanted for being

the necromancer

of all the plastic witches

that sell XXL production..



Unhindered by gravity

the eternal 'be happy and buy' suggests

"it's o.k. to lack substance, we can always inject it"..

so we find ourselves

sticky and moistly

as byproducts in this one size only maze,

with one size only posters

for one size only men.

Blindly taught

what colors to love and what colors to hate

what symbols to deny, and what symbols to obey

we laugh at our own beauty,

that chased by Phra Rahu,

got only half way there.


The cat sells instruments for one eyed mice

as if we'd be mice,

as if we would have one eye!

when in fact we have three

but one is

calcified inside our foreheads

by religion and medical accomplishments


Sedated at crossroads

We stare ghastly at smokescreens

Where it said it's EXCLUSIVE to watch the show

of the human values free falling at the stock

intoxicated by market indicators

catcalling us to sleep..sleep ...sleep...an unctous sleep

Inside the fish belly the lights are dim and sweet.


we left the oracle of individual thought

for the fitting room of a mad hatter's brain

dolls deprived of translating in real time

the multi-dimensions of a billion dollars bra


Upside down we levitate

 into the white rabbit hole


Unpacking the thickness of being

We arrived at the Universal Black Thursday

Where the cat that swallowed the orb

grins: "i' have tricked you all"



© Deea Wolf



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