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Welcome to the Show

The me's in me

October 22, 2017

                                                                                     Photo (C) GiovanniDeMarco, for Stelio Fragolino Marano


When I create something all the me's in me come to the table.
All the me's in me have something to say.
And they are incredibly hard to unite, one of the me's needs to fight hard to kill the others, scare them, silence them, put them in their corners, become the King. Only the best me survives in the online.
Outside I'm still the squared me.
I am made of all the me's in me.

Are you ready?
Yes! ..tomorrow!
Tomorrow comes: are you ready??

Another tomorrow: where is it??
:( not yet
Are you ready??
After (exactly) 99 tomorrow's ..and endless switching of backgrounds

I give up: I can live without having a website or a blog, I am enough! 
I walk away
The king of Me comes after me with a papirus.
Inspiration strikes while meditating on a river side: it's black with yellow and a splash of zebras!! Yes yes yes! We like zebras! All of the me's in me like the zebras and the yellows...So i turn back and finish the blog in one night

Next day: are u ready??

Yeeeees! Now!! ..

Did u launch it?

F******* launch it! Is late already!


PS: Find the people that care for you the most & keep them.

PS PS: Stelio Fragolino Marano is one of my Italian clown friends, find him here 


© Deea Wolf

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